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by Patricia Miller, President
Stony Run Enterprises, Inc.

Larry was working for a major chemical company. We thought that he would eventually retire from this company. Both of our children were in school, Larry was away working a lot of the time and I was getting bored at home. I wanted a job!Dump Truck - Stony Run Enterprises, Inc.

Larry came home one day and said, "Have I got a job for you!". He took me out to our driveBackhoe - Stony Run Enterprises, Inc. way and  there was a large dump truck. It was a 2 1/2 ton dump truck and I let him know that I had no intentions of driving a dump truck. He bought the truck and I learned how to drive it. The kids and I would deliver top soil, gravel and mulch to homes and job sites in the Butler County area. Then we added a back hoe. When Larry wasn't driving for the chemical company we would do jobs with our truck and back hoe. Our children would go along with us and help out.

Eventually, Larry found out that he only had two weeks left at his job with the chemical company. The company had farmed out all of the work to different trucking companies. We found a man that had a semi-truck for sale. The man wanted a job where he would be home more often, so we traded the dump truck and the back hoe for the semi-truck.

We leased the truck to a trucking company. That summer I learned to drive a semi-truck and I got a job School Bus - Stony Run Enterprises, Inc.driving a school bus. We lived on my wages as a bus driver. The rest of our income went back into our semi-truck. To earn extra money I would go with Larry on the summer break, Christmas break and Spring break. Sometimes I would meet him in Cincinnati after my bus route and we would take a load to its destination. We would team drive it and be back home by Saturday morning.

I took a job as the transportation director for our local school district. This new job came with a much higher salary which gave us the income to build a garage. We built the garage in 1989. My brother-in-law had also bought a semi-truck. He knew nothing about trucking or trucks. He had a driver on the truck and was losing money. He wanted to get rid of the truck so we became multi-owners. We saved and bought trucks until we had three trucks. We leased them to the same company.

A large trucking company wanted us to open a terminal for them in the Cincinnati area. We took our three trucks U.S. Navy - Stony Run Enterprises, Inc.and opened the terminal. Our trucks were leased to this new company, but we received a commission for running the terminal. This is when we learned how to run a trucking company. It grew and we bought more trucks. This is also when Amy learned how to dispatch. Soon afterward, our son-in-law (Brett Updike, Safety Director) came home from the U.S. Navy and joined the company.

I eventually had to leave my job as transportation director with the school district. We had five trucks and I was working too many hours with doing both jobs.U.S.D.O.T. - Stony Run Enterprises, Inc.

Our numbers eventually grew to a total of twelve trucks and the company that we ran the terminal for started having problems. We knew that we could not stay with the company, so I filed for my own corporation and Stony Run Enterprises, Inc. was born. I got the authority and leased Larry's trucks to my company. We started our new company with two trucks. Three years later and we have more work then we can do. We received high scores for our DOT audit.

We look forward to growing as a company. Most of our trucks load in Cincinnati and deliver to the customer. Some drivers park their trucks in a location in Cincinnati. At our location we handle all repairs to the trucks and trailers, and we do all of the dispatching and paperwork processing.




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